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I was born in London and have spent most of my adult life in Devon and

Cornwall. I was fortunate to be a student of Robert Lenkiewicz and I am a former trustee of The Lenkiewicz Foundation.


For me, art is a response to living. It is intuitive and instinctive rather than process-driven or theoretical. It has an elusive quality where thoughts and imagination can be traced, developed and remembered in paint, print or sculpture.


Art is also about freedom, freedom from rules, expectations and outside interference. It is not primarily about monetary value, but rather the haphazard record of a life lived. The work I have produced tends to come in bursts of energy in a range of different areas which preoccupy me at the time. I strive for honesty and hope the work I produce is never laboured.


I hope you enjoy exploring the various areas of my work. I have also produced 'Lessons with Lenkiewicz", which is my account of being taught by Robert Lenkiewicz.


In 2017, Mark's paintings have been selected for two exhibitions at the Mall Galleries in London. In May he exhibited one of his portraits at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition and from 18th - 24th September "A Lady of Seville" is being exhibited in the Mall Galleries as part of the Sunday Times Watercolour competition before going on national tour.



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